First Launch Into Papuan Life

41 and 1/2 years ago I got on an airplane in Spokane to begin my first ever journey to the place that became so dear to me, Irian Jaya (Papua), Indonesia. All I knew about the land and its people was what I had read, including that much was still undiscovered. I was trained in various work capacities and did not know which would be most needed, or where. Though flights were scheduled so as to get us there as quickly as possible, I did not arrive on the island until a week had passed. What an adventure it all was! One I would do all over again.


On the Catwalk

Early last year I found a photo I didn’t know I had. This one. 2learning to walk at parallel bars Dad made 1952 edit ZR
Whose daddy made parallel bars for his girl to learn to walk again after polio? *This girl!*
Whose mommy dressed her up for her catwalk debut? *This girl!*
Whose siblings lined up to be Miss America’s cheering audience? *This girl!*
Who just had to smile, having survived a disease that tried to kill her, and who knew God was strong and was with her? *This girl!* (I had been in the hospital 7 months, and out just a couple weeks at this photo.)
Dick looks like he is saying, “And here we have…” —