About Elinor

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Not many profoundly affected polio survivors spent 17 years in a very rugged part of the Indonesian province of Papua, but that is true of me. Though now “retired” due to the increased disability of post-polio syndrome, I remain as active as my limited energy will allow. I love mentoring future missionaries, editing “Great Commission Kids” and speaking, trying to help God’s people catch the passion of God’s heart for the world.


One thought on “About Elinor

  1. Hi Elinor,

    Always an encouragement, you are. I enjoyed reading your blog. I hope to continue to visit periodically. God bless you always. If we don’t get to spend a lot of time together talking on earth in the near future at least we will have all of eternity to catch up. By the way… did you run across the Managalassie (spelling?) people in Papua? Just curious; we met a great couple, the Parliar’s and they spent a long time over there and actually translated the Bible into their language after they created a written language for them…. wow is what I said. Love ya!

    TTYS, J Snapp

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