Gainfully Employed

I have discovered that some people think that because I am retired and (according to the government) not “gainfully employed,” and because Im disabled with little strength and energy, I don’t do much. If they mean I don’t go to movies and football games; play golf, bowling and pinocle; chat for hours with people who have nothing substantive to say; or play computer games, then true, I don’t do much. In fact, I don’t do any of those things. Rarely does a good energy time coincide with a friend’s so we can go to lunch, even. Some days it takes all my energy to just clean, dress and feed myself.

But when I have enough energy left over from the necessary tasks, I invest in young lives for the sake of God’s glory in their generations and for eternity. I put my strength into things of eternal value.
That IS being gainfully employed, is it not?


3 thoughts on “Gainfully Employed

  1. Elinor, I’m weak, injured & have been almost bed ridden since 97’… 1st- you are a comfort & inspiration! And 2nd- just know the Lord can use us even if we don’t get out! He has sent person after person meant to hear many or just a few special words of the Lord’s truth of our Savior! Thank You for allll the brothers & sisters you help the Lord bring into our verrrry blessed family :). Bless you & yours!!!

    1. Thank you, Melissa. Yes, though I don’t have the energy to go many places, still, the Lord has given me a very full and fulfilling life, reaching even around the world. God bless you!

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