Gracie and My Braces

I was wearing shorts, sitting at a picnic table when

Gracie July09

2-3/4 yr. old Gracie approached, looking intently at my braces. I rapped the plastic with my knuckles. “See? It’s hard.” Her wide blue eyes asked the same question her voice did – “Why?” “Because my legs are weak, so these help me walk.” Gracie smiled, said “That’s good,” and walked away, satisfied.

Aren’t kids great?! Jesus said, “Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Maybe that means people of such curiosity, honesty and trust as Gracie?


2 thoughts on “Gracie and My Braces

  1. Elinor,

    You are an amazing person. God has given you victory over great adversity throughout your life. You faithfully served, in spite of the hardship and physical struggles, you endured it all, with God’s help, as you fulfilled your commission of serving the Lord.

    I know a pastor who grew up in Liberia, served as a missionary in Liberia with his parents. He also had polio when young, and endured the struggles that you have had, and later became a pastor in several places in the states. At the age of about 58 he had to leave the pastorate in Dansville, NY because of Post Polio Syndrome. He had to move to the warmer climate of Florida. He was my pastor for 8 years in Springville, PA. His name is Pastor Drue Corbett, who now lives in Auburndale, FL. He too has very low energy level most every day, but he has a hobby of building beautiful violins. During the winter months my wife and I spend 4 months in Florida, in the same town where he lives, so we fellowship with Drue and his wife Evie.

    May God bless you in your ministry on the web and elsewhere. Your are a blessing to us.

    Lionel & Barbara Raught
    Tunkhannock, PA

    1. Thank you, Lionel! Sorry this reply took so long. I thought I had approved and commented before, but it apparently didn’t work.

      That is an interesting story about your friend and former pastor. I’m not surprised they moved to Florida. We with post-polio genrally feel much better in warmer climates. People ask me why I don’t move to Arizona, and I say because I can’t take all of my Chattaroy friends with me! Let alone my little farm. So, in winter I just hunker down.

      You mentioned my “ministry on the web and elsewhere.” If you are interested in learning more about what I do, you can read my February newsletter at

      Thanks again for your very kind and encouraging comments.

      Elinor Young

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