Learning to Walk

At parallel bars2This photo  was taken shortly after my seven months in the hospital recovering from Polio. I was learning to walk using parallel bars on a ramp built by my dad off our kitchen porch. I felt as pleased with myself as I look in the picture.

But it’s about more than that.

I am not a parent, but reflecting back over my life, I am blown away by the power of mother and father love. I was just one of five kids, but my mom spent two hours a day doing physical therapy on me, and my dad built for me equipment they could not afford to buy. They were such models of a “can do” attitude that for years it didn’t dawn on me that there was any other kind! How MUCH I admire them – both in Heaven now.


2 thoughts on “Learning to Walk

  1. Wow!
    Elinor, I’ve only just learned about you via the World Team website. I am an aspiring missionary (as of just last week!) and the Lord has placed translation work on my heart. I am the mother of 5 healthy (thank You, Lord!) children but have no mother of my own anymore… The Lord took her the day after He saved me. I cannot, like you, confidently say that she is in Heaven now. Thank you so much for the ferocity of your love for and your faithful service & dedication to our Lord, Jesus Christ. I would love nothing more than to be used by Him one day to help an un-reached, illiterate people group read for the very first time their very own heart-language & the first thing they read be God’s own Word! Thank you for inspiring me! I love you sweet sister!
    ~in Christ since 10/06,
    Lori Edwards;

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